Shanna was raised in Fort St John. She  received all her schooling locally, graduating from North Peace Secondary School.  Then continuing on to Northern Lights College where she took her Early Childhood Education (2005). Since then she has been at Totem Preschool. She takes in the ECEBC Conferences and the local workshops to enhance her teaching abilities. One of those local educational workshops was a 3 month long sign language course put on by the school district. This has proven to be a good thing as her and her co- worker now teach and use sign language daily at Totem. They thought this was such an asset to the school and students that they took Level 1 and also Level 2. Now it just seems come naturally in her teaching routines.She is a proud motherof 4 children; 2 girls and 2 boys, all whom have grown and fled the nest making successful lives of their own. She feels that her years with them have been well spent and now she loves teaching and guiding other peoples children. She has been at Totem now for 10 years.Shanna plans to continues her role as an Early Childhood Educator and life long learner. She is confident that helping the children at Totem Preschool start their education off on the right foot will lead to them having a positive outlook toward their educational  journey,thus making it a much smoother ride.She is there for her students through the snow, wind, rain and sunshiny days.  


Sheri grew up in Montney, just north of Fort St. John.  She  went to college in Vancouver and fell in love with the ocean, climate and diversity, and expanded her interests in art, music and culture.She injured herself at work and decided to try some thing new. Sheri made her first career change after discovering a therapy called breathwork, used in family of origin work and inner child therapy. She became a holistic counselor.  It was extremely rewarding.  In 1995 she became pregnant with her son.  This prompted another change in  career.   She went back to college and received her ECE in 1998.  The years from 0-6 are when children develop their sense of confidence and ideas of who they are, so it is important we give them a positive outlook.  In 2005 Sheri moved back to Fort St. John with her family and started working at Totem Preschool.  Sheri has an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and families everyday and give back to the community she grew up in. Sheri’s personal interests.- She volunteers at the SPCA, gardens, spends time with her family, who are still in Montney and she is an avid reader. Some of her favorite authors are Don Miguel Ruiz, The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson just to name a few.


Becky was born and raised in Fort St. John.  She went to school locally, graduating from North Peace Secondary School.  Shortly after graduation Becky received a job at Weatherford Canada as an Administrator and continued to work there for the next six years.  It was during these years that Becky met her husband.  Since that time Becky and her husband have added 2 wonderful children and a dog to their family.  Outside of work Becky enjoys camping, dirt biking and traveling with her family.  She is extremely enjoying her time at Totem Preschool and looks forward to seeing all the sweet little faces everyday.