We are a parent participation preschool and so each year we have volunteer positions that need to be filled for the running of the preschool.

Our preschool has been operating for many years and has been successful!  We are thankful for all of our parents that has helped us throughout the years!   If you want any more information please come and talk to us at the preschool or you can email us at or Board Information Packages are available upon request. Board Information Packages are available upon request. Please come and talk to our Administrative Assistant and she will be glad to get you one!  You can also email her at   

“Act like you make a difference because you do!”

“Volunteers are unpaid not because they are WORTHLESS …. They are unpaid because they are PRICELESS!!!”

Thank you to EVERYONE who have, had and continue to help our school past, present and future!

Totem Preschool is a much better place because of your hard work and volunteer hours!


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